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I had a really good run playing music for a living but when all that came crashing down, I wound up scouting locations for movies instead. I was living in New Orleans at the time.

One of my first jobs was for Godfrey Reggio’s ‘Visitors’ where I spent a week driving Godfrey around Southeast Louisiana, taking photos and developing the look and feel for the film. On the last the day of scouting he took me to lunch and asked me to be a part of the production. Having never produced a film before I naturally said yes. I was honestly just going to hand him a hard drive full of photos and say goodbye, but my life changed at that very moment.

The Red Epic Camera was just being released at the time and I had to order the camera package based on email conversations with our Director of Photography Graham Berry. I can remember getting the green light to hire Tom Lowe as our time lapse photographer and I think I did a little dance around my desk at that point.

I just naturally fell in with the camera crew and have never looked back. I feel lucky to have worked with and learned from some of the best cinematographers in the world. 

Since then I've worked on feature films, commercials and music videos and along with being a camera operator and light aimer I've also taken to the skies and become a FAA certified drone pilot.

So, there you go... I've name dropped and bragged on myself in the first person.

Holler if you think we should work together...

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